Chicago Style Workout 68: Publishing Terminology

Monochrome image of typebars on an old typewriter that spell "words" in both uppercase and lowercase.

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People who work in publishing have their own vocabulary, including many terms related to printing, typesetting, and design. You’ll find some of these terms in the glossary at the back of CMOS. How many do you know?

To test your publishing vocabulary—or to learn more—take the quiz.

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Note: Style guides sometimes disagree. Except for a few details that can be verified in standard dictionaries and encyclopedias and other readily available sources, the answers in this quiz rely on the information in the 17th edition of CMOS.

Chicago Style Workout 68: Publishing Terminology

1. Text that aligns along the left but not the right margin is said to be
2. A sans serif font lacks
3. What do you call the part of a letter that overlaps with an adjacent letter (like the bottom of the j in the dj combination in adjacent)?
4. A folio is
5. The term landscape refers to a two-dimensional format that is
6. The term leading refers to
7. A word printed beneath the text on one page to show what the first word on the next page will be is known as a
8. A colophon is
9. The left-hand column of a table is known as
10. Two of the four ink colors typically used in color printing are black and yellow. What are the other two?


Typebars on an old typewriter by Charles Taylor / Adobe Stock.

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