Chicago Style Workouts


IMG_20150818_160326_881Evaluate the strength of your knowledge of Chicago style! If you’re a beginner, exercise with us and build some editorial muscle.

It’s easy and private—no registration or log-in required. Your results are instantly returned. Take each test more than once if you like.

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Chicago Style Workouts

1. Series and the Serial Comma (CMOS 6.18–6.21)

2. Commas with Introductory Words and Phrases (CMOS 6.35–6.39)

3. Abbreviations Overview (CMOS 10.1–10.10)

4. Titles of Books and Articles (CMOS 8.166–78)

5. How to Proofread (CMOS 2.107–15)

6. Spot the Danglers! (CMOS 5.108–13)

7. Rules for Quoting (CMOS 13.7–8)

8. Personal Pronouns (CMOS 5.38–46)

9. Word Usage, Part 1 (CMOS 5.220

10. Possessives (CMOS 7.15–28

11. Word Usage, Part 2 (CMOS 5.220

12. Inclusive Numbers (CMOS 9.5863

13. Permissible Changes to Quotations (CMOS 13.7) 

14. Editing Tables (CMOS 3.79–84) 

15. Punctuation and Closing Quotation Marks (CMOS 6.09–11

16. Word Usage, Part 3 (CMOS 5.220



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