Chicago Style Crossword No. 1: Editorially Speaking

Chicago Style Crossword No. 1

For this month’s workout, we invite you to play (and solve) our very first “Chicago Style” crossword puzzle.

If you prefer to play on paper, click here✏️ for a printable PDF version of the puzzle.

New to crosswords? Scroll past the puzzle for some tips (and a link to the solution). Otherwise, start playing!


  1. Identical clues may lead to different answers (that’s part of the fun); on the other hand, it’s unlikely that an answer will appear more than once in the grid, even with different clues.
  2. An answer may consist of more than one word or of an abbreviation (an abbreviation will be signaled in the clue).
  3. Spaces, hyphens, periods, and apostrophes are ignored in the answers, and answers are not case sensitive.
  4. The Check button will put an X through any wrong letter that you’ve entered.
  5. Use Reveal Letter to show the correct letter in the active (yellow) square.
  6. In most browsers, the Save button will save your work so you can come back to it later.
  7. Checking the box next to Pencil changes the font of the letters that you enter while the box is checked. Use this feature to enter and keep track of answers you’re not sure about.

Finally, you will note that this puzzle, unlike many crosswords, uses an asymmetrical grid and permits two-letter answers. This approach helped us to fill the puzzle almost exclusively with answers that are related to the puzzle’s editorial theme.

Ready to double-check your work? Click here ✏️ for the solution.

(Spoiler alert: Commenters may discuss the crossword and their answers!)

Puzzle by Russell Harper.

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Style Crossword No. 1: Editorially Speaking

  1. I generally don’t work crosswords, so this one was tough enough to be a good challenge. I very much look forward to the next one. And thanks for the afternoon “workout”!

  2. Have you never seen a crossword puzzle before? Your puzzle is an abomination, 2 letter words, no symmetry (most are left right but top/bottom is acceptable). Not to mention the horrible clues. And you don’t even have the decency to put the constructor’s name on it, how embarassing.

    • Please see our disclaimer at the end of the post. As stated there, this puzzle breaks with convention to allow for more words related to our theme. We’re sorry you don’t like it!

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