Chicago Style Crossword No. 2: Specialty Publishing

Chicago Style Crossword No. 2

Welcome to our second “Chicago Style” crossword puzzle. The theme this time is specialty publishing.

Unlike our first puzzle, this one uses a standard American-style symmetrical grid, organized around four longer entries related to the theme. You may find it to be more challenging than our first puzzle.

Difficulty: medium to hard (think Thursday New York Times).

Scroll past the puzzle for some tips for playing online (and a link to the solution).

If you prefer to play on paper, you can print out the PDF version of the puzzle.


  1. The Check button will put an X through any wrong letter that you’ve entered.
  2. Use Reveal Letter to show the correct letter in the active (yellow) square.
  3. In most browsers, the Save button will save your work so you can come back to it later.
  4. Checking the box next to Pencil changes the font of the letters that you enter while the box is checked. Use this feature to enter and keep track of answers you’re not sure about.

Ready to double-check your work? Click here ✏️ for the solution.

(Spoiler alert: Commenters may discuss the crossword and their answers!)

Puzzle by Russell Harper.

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