Chicago Style Workout 75: Spaces and Spacing

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Filling in the Blanks

From the blank page to the gaps between words, space is central to what writers and editors do every day. But just because space is empty doesn’t mean there’s nothing there.

Take this month’s quiz to test your knowledge of spaces and spacing—and to learn more about this invisible yet important aspect of writing, editing, and publishing.

Subscribers to The Chicago Manual of Style Online may click through to the linked sections of the Manual (cited in some of the answers). (We also offer a 30-day free trial of CMOS Online.)

Note: Style guides sometimes disagree. Except for a few details that can be verified in standard dictionaries and encyclopedias and other readily available sources, the answers in this quiz rely on the information in the 17th edition of CMOS.

Chicago Style Workout 75: Spaces and Spacing

1. How many spaces should normally appear between two consecutive sentences?
2. The space between lines of text is known as leading, which rhymes with
3. The main reason to use double line spacing in a printed manuscript is
4. The process of adjusting the space between letters is known as
5. The space between words varies from line to line in text that has been
6. An em space is wider than an en space, which is wider than the average space between words.
7. To prevent a Chicago-style ellipsis (. . .) from breaking over a line, CMOS recommends
8. To enhance readability, typesetters may add a thin space between consecutive single and double quotation marks (as in nested quotations).
9. A new section is sometimes signaled by extra line space between paragraphs. According to CMOS, how should authors indicate such breaks in a manuscript submitted for publication?
10. According to CMOS, what mark would a proofreader use to show that a space needs to be inserted (e.g., to change “backseat” to “back seat”)?


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