Facing the new year with resolve

“This year I resolve . . .”

resolution bulbSo much of writing and editing involves attitude and discipline. We struggle with deadlines, organization, and patience. With a view to a fresh start, let’s take a moment to promise ourselves a little improvement.

What do you resolve as a writer or editor for 2016? Comments are open—feel free to share!

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5 thoughts on “Facing the new year with resolve

  1. I resuscitated my blog last year and posted 11 times. In each post, I reviewed a book or course about editing and writing. It’s time consuming to read and review a book; I’m not a fast reader and writer. In 2016, I plan to write a series on structural editing. Maybe having a topic will make it easier to post more often. My blog is editorsreads.me. Happy New Year!

  2. I joined an incredible online writers forum 18 months ago, but I have been nervous to post snippets of my fiction writing for feedback. That will change in 2016! In fact, I posted something on Monday. To date, two people have commented, which leads me to my second resolution of letting go of, emotionally, what I choose to post or submit.

  3. I resolve as a writer to embrace my Inner Procrastinator. Inspiration is fine, but as the Russians say, your Muse is not a dog–it won’t come when you call it.

    Procrastination is a natural part of the writing process, a friend to be welcomed, not turned away. According to his memoir, Rewrites, Neil Simon played darts when he should have been writing, until the guilt finally won out. If it worked for Simon, it’s good enough for me.

    That said, once the procrastination is over and my laggard Muse finally makes a sheepish appearance, I resolve to be a tornado of creativity.

  4. As a freelancer, my goal this year is to put a certain number of hours on project each day, beginning at a specified time. I know many people use page-per-day goals, but I find hours works best for me (and works out about the same in terms of output). Last year, I set an hourly goal for each day; this year, same schedule every single day.

  5. For 2016 I’m making time for continuing education and trying to alternate between reading through the CMOS and the MLA style guide and publication manual. Thanks so much for your goal setting series, it’s helping me get motivated for 2016.

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