What Does an Editor Know? A Quiz

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To celebrate the end of another decade, we’ve put together eleven questions designed to test your knowledge of some random editorial facts.

Each question is inspired by something mentioned somewhere in CMOS. But don’t worry: you don’t have to know anything about the Manual to take the quiz. And even if you know nothing about editing or grammar or anything else, you might have some fun guessing which answers are fake. (The correct answers will be explained when you click “Submit.”)

Happy holidays from your friends at The Chicago Manual of Style!

See you in 2020!

What Does an Editor Know?

1. The em dash derives its name from
2. When an editor circles a numeral on a manuscript, it means
3. TK is an abbreviation for
4. The French word “émail” refers to
5. The “s” in “https” at the beginning of a URL indicates
6. The term “x-height” is
7. An ergative verb is a verb that
8. A wavy line drawn by hand under a word is an instruction that means
9. A stub is
10. The name assigned by Unicode to the hyphen (-) is
11. Bonus question: William Strunk Jr., the original author of The Elements of Style, also worked as a literary consultant on which 1930s Hollywood film?


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