Shop Talk Readers in the Spotlight

r-nial-bradshawWhat can CMOS Shop Talk do for you?

Today we’re turning the spotlight on you, reader! We’d love to know what you like about the CMOS Shop Talk blog and what you don’t like, what you’d like to see more of—or less of.

Here’s a short survey—or if you prefer, use the comments box below to give us a piece of your mind.

No e-mail address or registration is needed for the survey.

Is there something in The Chicago Manual of Style that you’d like to see explained in Section in the Spotlight? Do you have ideas for student help or a topic for a Chicago Style Workout? Someone for us to interview? Something we do that just drives you crazy?

Please let us hear from you! We want to keep you coming back.

Photo: Interrogation Room Light, courtesy r.nial.bradshaw.

In terms of English-language expertise, I consider myself
I teach or edit material that is (check all that apply):
I use the following style manuals (check all that apply):
This is my level of interest in the following topics:

Word usage
Editing exercises and tests
Copyediting best practices
Language and grammar trends
Author-editor relationship
Teaching Chicago/Turabian style
What I’d like to see (or not see) at CMOS Shop Talk:


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