An assortment of metal number forms for a letterpress

Chicago Style Workout 77: Numerals

In Chicago’s default style for numbers, whole numbers under 101 are usually spelled out, as in three or ninety-three. Chicago’s alternative rule spells out numbers up to and including nine. But some expressions always call for numerals (July 2, page 9), and in scientific and technical contexts, numerals (also called digits) are the norm.

Numbers in Creative Writing

When we think about writing numbers, we tend to think of research papers, financial reports, sports columns, and other quantity-laden nonfiction settings. But novelists and playwrights and poets also puzzle over how to style numbers.

Section 9.4 in the Spotlight

CMOS 9.4. Hundreds, thousands, and hundred thousands: “Any of the whole numbers mentioned in 9.2 followed by hundred, thousand, or hundred thousand are usually spelled out (except in the sciences)—whether used exactly or as approximations.” This section causes some readers befuddlement because . . .