CMOS Shop Talk Interviews Archive

young-woman-w-mic(In alphabetical order)

Andrew Abbott on brute-force research

Robert Alter on translating the Hebrew Bible

Stephanie Anderson on publishing chapbooks

Patricia Aufderheide on copyright and fair use

Quotenik founder Sara Bader talks about quotes

Authors Philippa Benson and Susan Silver talk about the academic publishing process

Louise Brueggemann on books for young people

Janet Burroway talks about writing lives

Lindsey Buscher talks about Scientific Style and Format

CMOS interview with “Chicago Style Q&A

Editors talk about creating a new edition of The University of Chicago Spanish–English Dictionary

Founder Michael Erard talks about Schwa Fire

Teresa Lavender Fagan talks about translating

Grammar Girl herself, Mignon Fogarty, talks about grammar

Nancy Friedman of Wordworking and Fritinancy talks about company and product naming

Nathan Fulcher on teaching English to teens

Bryan Garner talks about The Chicago Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation

William Germano talks about dissertations and scholarly publishing

Angela Gibson on the new MLA Handbook

Author Anne E. Greene talks about plain English and science writing

Sarah Grey talks about inclusive language

Mike Hall and Matt Upson on graphic novels

Russell Harper talks about revising The Chicago Manual of Style

Author Jack Hart talks about Storycraft: The Complete Guide to Writing Narrative Nonfiction

Mary Nell Hoover talks about journal editing

Keith Houston talks about punctuation

Mary E. Laur talks about editing and indexing

Jack Lyon on better word processing

Preeti Malani on her career in journalism and medicine

Erin McKean on her ideal dictionary

Linguist Lynne Murphy talks about American English versus British English

Mary Norris on styles, tolerance

Peter J. Olson talks about STM copyediting

John Perry on The Art of Procrastination

Steven Pinker talks about The Sense of Style

Javier Torres Ripa talks about the Manual de estilo

Amy Shoultz and Bonnie Sunstein talk about teaching writing

Authors Susan Silver and Philippa Benson talk about the academic publishing process

Peter Sokolowski at Merriam-Webster talks about “lookups”

Levi Stahl talks about editing Donald Westlake

Author and columnist Neil Steinberg talks about his writing process

Helen Sword talks about The Writer’s Diet

Matt Upson and Mike Hall on graphic novels

Bill Walsh talks about handling grammar gripes

Ben Zimmer talks about language