CMOS Q&A for July

Q. I am working with an author who insists on referring to a photo as “this 1950’s photo.” Is the apostrophe needed? Q. My question is about where to place the footnote superscript in

Margaret D. F. Mahan (1933–2018)

Known for her patience, generosity, sparkling wit, and ready laugh, Margaret D. F. Mahan played a significant role in the University of Chicago Press’s history and success. Margaret joined the Press in 1962 as a marketing copywriter for the Books Division and moved to the Manuscript Editing Department five years later. By the time she retired in 1998, she had

New Questions Today at The Chicago Manual of Style Online Q&A

Q. “How do you feel about lastly?” Q. “Under what circumstances can one put a comma after so?” Q. “It’s up to You. The question is whether to capitalize up.” Read the answers to these questions and more at The Chicago Manual of Style Online Q&A. #ChicagoStyle Chicago style is named for The Chicago Manual of Style, a reference book…