CMOS Style Q&A for November

Q. What is the proper way to write Dr. Tom Smith Jr., M.D.?
Q. She’s number one, She’s number 1, She’s No. 1, or She’s no. 1?
Q. Should add-on questions begin with a cap? “May I have a cookie? two cookies?”

Read the answers to these questions and more at the November CMOS Online Q&A.

Margaret D. F. Mahan (1933–2018)

Known for her patience, generosity, sparkling wit, and ready laugh, Margaret D. F. Mahan played a significant role in the University of Chicago Press’s history and success. Margaret joined the Press in 1962 as a marketing copywriter for the Books Division and moved to the Manuscript Editing Department five years later. By the time she retired in 1998, she had